Back in the day 70's style

Remember the 70's ? 
This little photo collection should take you back, Remember the days of waiting for Thursdays just to grab your copy of Jackie magazine to take to school ?  It was an absolute must at my school and you really couldn't turn up on a Thursday without your own copy,  Doing the memory lane thing I had to add my very first grown up perfume, remember Blue Grass by Elizabeth Arden ?  can you remember your first ? bet you can.
They were the days when we had aliens mocking us for peeling and boiling potatoes,  I guess that was the start of fast food, the only fast food back in those days was the fish and chip shop, and that was a Saturday afternoon treat at my Nans, it was just normal to cook *real* food we didn't really know anything else.

After school and Saturdays Lurking around in Chelsea Girl, oh how I lusted after just about everything in that shop, and if you bought something that carrier bag was serious kudos at School :)  we really did thing we were *it* in smock tops, bell bottoms, and  platforms that if you spent 39/11d  you were really pushing the boat out, and they were even better if they were from Ravel !!

And having sheer tights was simply a must, bending over and showing what looked like American tan shorts was without a doubt a prisonable offence.

Painting little Daisies around your eyes with liquid shadow and spider like top and bottom lashes were just fab, funny how peeling off your eyelashes to put on the bedside table was perfectly normal, and funny enough probably is again now :) I loved those days everything was new and we were all so modern, Chelsea Girl, Etam, Max Factor Pan stick and gluing silver paper starts to your platforms all fond memories, although you couldn't pay me to go back in time, if you had kinky wavy hair then, tough, no Ghd's, if you had spots, tough it was clearasil or nothing, and as for anything with wings.....forget that ,you had the belt !  if you are reading this and too young to know what that was consider yourself extremely fortunate lol. 

Would really love to hear your memories.

Love n Hugz
Lyn x