Laura Ashley Storage solutions SALE

If you are anything like me you can never have enough storage, I have the same passion for storage as I do stationary, in fact I even store my stationary in storage boxes ha ha.

I just wanted to bring you a quick post about some fantastic storage solutions I have found in the Laura Ashley Sale, which ends on Sunday.

This Set of two Woven baskets are down from £55.00 to £29.70, I particularly like these as they are perfect for magazines, and storing winter throws tidily in the lounge in winter.

These pretty Esme storage files are ideal for hiding all manor of unsavoury paperwork, ( who wants to see bills lying around )  down from £35.00 to £14.00
Now THIS I love, forget horrible plastic under bed storage, this gorgeous wicker one will last a lifetime. down from £85.00 to £47.60

If you have daughters with an overload of make-up or are just a collector yourself (hands up I am guilty) this set of two Coco flocked boxes are ideal for hiding your secret stash.
Down from  £29.00 to just £9.00

Love N Hugz
Lyn x