The wonder of the WWW

How lucky is this generation ? 

The wealth of information on the internet is endless, you can literally have any subject at the click of a button, personal trainers, fashion stylists, make up artists, yoga mentors, the list goes on.....

Are we though ? lucky ?  or are we being drip fed this idea of perfection that is totally unobtainable, lets take just the Instagram app as an example, in it's raw state it was for us ordinary folks to share snapshots of our lives, be they ordinary, messy or just plain amusing, now, if you look at it the photo shopped glossy images lead us to believe that everyones life is sheer perfection, homes filled with endless light and no mess, beautiful faces that look as though they have spent hours to achieve, when the best we can hope for most days is to look half decent :)

And don't even get me started on the ideal body shape lol.
It really does make me wonder though if it is the cause of so much teenage angst, trying to live up to all this hype, as ladies of a certain age I think we can see beyond the gloss, and view this ideal for what it is, and just appreciate beautiful imagery. At the same time arrange the perfect vignette , and ensuring our homes always have fresh flowers !  who says I'm not sucked into the hype ?

I am assuming dear reader, that just by the sheer fact that you are reading this that you love the power of the Internet as much as I do.
With a quick www. no one is ever lonely or bored, I am on a site on Facebook for the town In London that I was bought up in, just for memory lane pictures and the like, there is an elderly woman on there that I have never met and nor has anyone else, but this lady says good morning to the members on the site every single day and a good night when she is going to sleep, if she is late the hundred plus people that respond to her start asking questions as to where she is ?  That lady may live alone in her Tower block but she is never lonely, and I for one think that is just the loveliest thing :)

Food for thought eh ?
would love your comments on what the www brings to your life.

Love n Hugz
Lyn x