Habitat Candle Review

If you are anything like me Habitat has been with you since you had your very first home, My very first purchase was back in 1973 from the Croydon store, with my meagre £5.50 a week wages I used to spend lunch hours, wandering and lusting after the gorgeous homewares, well lucky me stumbled across a sale and made my very first purchase a white enamel coffee pot, very trendy for the day and at the princely sum of 75p it served as a very trendy little kettle in my pretty shabby little bedsit.

Ok, now don't laugh ,but I still to this day have that little pot as it was my very first homeware purchase. My next foray into the world of Habitat was with my very first flat, where I went crazy with the red cherry wallpaper and kitchen ware, I went berserk even down to a tea towel and matching oven gloves lol, red and white kitchen in the late 70's !  sheesh I was trendy. 
It then moved on in the early eighties to Black Ash furniture, well didn't we all :)   all that bloody dusting I will never forget it.

Habitat is one of those stores that is easy to overlook, it doesn't scream at you with loud shouty advertising and I truly feel it has become a British icon, whilst a great website I don't think online shopping replaces wandering and lusting a lot of things you really need to see in the flesh in their proper setting to get a true sense of style.

The perfumed candle range is pretty new to me, I am I must admit a bit of a candle snob, and don't always feel that the price represents quality.  Habitat surprised me, these candles are stunning, when I say that I don't mean in looks, although a nice chunky frosted jar always looks classy in it's simplicity, it's just the sheer quality that I was impressed with.

When lit the three wicks burned slowly and evenly, which is a major issue with me I hate it when a candle burns lopsided, yep I know I am weird !  anyway the smell was divine, but oddly not overpowering, I say oddly because while the candle was in the lounge I could actually smell it in the hallway, but it was subtle in the lounge.......fabulous, and the best thing ever was that entering the lounge in the morning I could smell the gorgeous fragrance from the night before !  I have NEVER experienced this before with a candle.

This particular one was Cotton and Neroli, hard to describe, it didn't smell like the typical cotton fragrance candle it was more like a warm summer evening somewhere luxurious.

 To Buy or just browse check out Habitat here.

Love n hugz

Lyn x

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  1. Thank you for the introduction. I love candles and enjoy having them around the house. This brand sounds lovely.

  2. Hey Glenda, these are fab, can you get Habitat in The US ?


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