Female lust

Ha !

The tile of this blog probably had you thinking it was something deep and meaningful :)  you should know me better than that by now !

When I use the word lust, I am talking about the things we really LUST after.

It could be 
Be it shoes, chocolate,handbags,ice cream or make up, we all have that one lust item that draws us like a drug addict, I think this hormone driven drug can vary at certain times ( of the month usually) hang on..........I am having a moment here, thinking back to the days when the lady bug visited once a month, I remember on my commute home from London one evening on the train and a guy was sitting next to me eating a flippin Mars bar, ohhhhhh lord !  how I refrained from snatching it from his grubby mitt God only knows, it was one of the worst journeys ever :)

I digress, In my teens it was shoes, then, when doing the London commute thing I was convinced that everyone would know if I used the same handbag daily, then obviously the chocolate thing never really left, until the lady bug left, and make up has always been in the picture but not as a lust item until recently, my REAL lust item is Ice cream, it's like a bloody addiction, I may as well just buy it and smear it all over my hips, because that is where it is ending up anyway ! Why oh why could I not be addicted to Jogging ?

I would love to know what you are addicted to ? I bet there is huge list I have missed out :)

Love n Hugz

Lyn x