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 And relax................

For the very first time in 58 years I experienced a full body massage this year, I was lucky enough to be bought a spa day by my granddaughter for a birthday gift, off we went to The Marriot at Lingfield Park Racecourse, we both had facials and full body massages..............well !  I have never experienced any thing like it, although a little chaotic in that we weren't told for our £100  each we could use the full spa facilities, the treatments were fantastic ! the therapists were gorgeous and totally professional, and I was so relaxed she could have had my purse, bank details and anything else of value and I couldn't of cared less lol ( she didn't, but could have )  I seriously didn't know my own name !

This started the bug, My beautiful friend Natasha Edwards is a Holistic therapist, I say beautiful because she is both inside and out, she is aiming to practise her therapy as a full time role and am convinced that she will be successful in this endeavour, having experienced the joy of both full body massage and reflexology with her and I am hooked on both, the reflexology was a first for me, and as the sun was shining we decided to do it in the garden, along she came with her massage bed, and we gave the neighbours something to talk about ha ha.

If you have never had any sort of treatment, as a lot of us feel it is a little too indulgent, I urge you to treat yourself, and promise you will thank me for it.  As women we spend all of our lives looking after other people, look after deserve it.

Love and Hugz


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