Splash that paint

 It's time once again for a coffee and a chat, I have been very slack with my recent blogging due to once again decorating :)
This time it was the lounge, gone is my totally cream theme and a very brave move for me was the slight introduction of some colour, (colour scares me )  the reason behind this brave bold move is that the furniture is pure white and needed a background to show it off, I was worried that it could look a bit like a hospital being all white, or in my case a padded cell.  Only problem being is that I am not a lover of colour, so after a few attempts with the tester pots I found a shade of grey that wasn't too battleship or cold took a deep breath and just went for it. 

 This really turned out to be a lot more work than I first thought, looking around the cream room I am thinking....couple of days, its only painting ............Oh hell no !  Forgot about the fact that every single item in the room is painted, even down to the fireplace so that was me 3 days just on the side tables, coffee table and fireplace, my trusty white quick dry eggshell seriously came into play, I would usually use chalk paint for furniture but have recently fallen out of love with it for the more hard wearing eggshell, and the water based one has a soft chalky look to it anyway. Luck would have it that the mister is tall enough to do the ceiling for me without a ladder ha ha even though he hates decorating this is the one exception...... result :)

I didn't replace the carpet so had the glorious task of painting the skirting with the carpet in place, with the help of the fabulous Pintrest I discovered the very BEST way of dealing with this, don't laugh its only taken me 40 years of decorating to learn this trick, I will try my best to explain it, and will search out some pics later, all you need is parcel tape and a scraper, run the parcel tape along the carpet leaving about an inch or so resting against skirting, take the scraper knife and push the tape downwards, this tucks it around the edge between the skirting, it was sooo easy and the effect was perfect, when you remove the tape the carpet springs back up, and not a mark in sight...........sheer genius.

This is the TV cabinet after being touched up with Zinser BIN.  I use this on any area's that have been sanded back to the wood just to stop any bleed through of wood stain, it isn't cheap but the tin lasts forever so is a definite investment.
 I always use a gloss sponge roller for everything, walls and woodwork, and just use a small brush for touching up.
 Looking ugly !
the only way to go :)
 The TV cabinet finally finished, I decided to spend a couple of hours with a tiny brush making the detailing grey..............I seriously should get out more lol.

The empty space, awaiting tomorrow's furniture delivery........watch this space x