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My Daily love affair

Lets talk diets, This is a biggie so grab a cuppa ! Not the usual Slimming World, Weight Watchers kind of diets, been there done that got the tee shirt, I am not knocking them but as I have got older the focus for me is more on health, with this in mind I have spent untold hours reading books, websites, blogs etc on the subject, if you have netflix there are a ton worth watching, and they really do make a lot of sense about the *fuel* we put in our bodies.

My journey started with looking at Paleo, ( having seen first hand the weight my son in law lost) now the followers of this lifestyle hate it being called a diet, although the claim is that you lose body fat while following the lifestyle of a caveman, in short no grains, pulses, junk food, lots of real fats, the favourites being butter from grass fed cows and pure coconut oil and olive oil.  Paleo is dairy free which didn't sit with me, even though I don't have tons I do still like a cup of tea a couple of times a day !  this moved me on to finding the Primal way of eating ( Paleo but with a bit of leeway ) The God of this lifestyle is Mark Sissons, just look at his picture for testament !
My next subject for examination was Juicing, this really holds a lot of logic for me putting pure fresh veg and fruit straight into your system. If you have Netflix, do check out Fat sick and nearly dead also the follow up now is fat sick and nearly dead two, Joe Cross, a charming amusing Australian has totally changed not only his body but the lives of millions, when I first saw this I thought it was a little hardcore and whilst looked fab I couldn't see me doing that length of time on it. having learned more Joe has 3, 5, 10 and 15 day re boots.

I absolutely adored watching this film, it really bought home the abuse we expect our bodies to endure with today's modern eating ! if you cant see the film the book The re boot with Joe/ juice diet is definitely worth a read.

The UK Guru of all things Juicy is our very own Jason Vale, aka The Juice master, I have just finished reading The Juice Master Turbo charge your life in 14 days.  and lose 7lb in 7 days which I am currently on day 2 of lol wish me luck, this will possibly be a future blog on either my success or epic failure !

My next Guru, and in my humble opinion *the next big thing * is our very own Joe Wilks aka The Body Coach, I first heard of Joe Via my granddaughter who knows I am obsessed with the healthier eating lifestyle, and tolerates 2 healthy meals a week at nanna's house, rock those sweet potatoes !
"Nan you have to see this guy's instagrams check out leanin 15, so I had a quick glance thought it was fun but didn't give it too much time, wrong was I ?  this guy deserves to be seen, he runs online coaching and holds your hand through 90 days of good eating and fitness.  he also has a book coming out in the new year, which is available to pre order. 
In conclusion, all these gorgeous guys advocate healthy eating, clearing the crap and moving more, I am by no means an expert on any of the above and these as purely my own opinions, I have tried all of the above with the exception of the Body coach, I may well write individual blogs on each of these if requested :)