My juicy review

I have since Monday embarked on a juice only diet, cutting out all caffeine, I decided to give this old bod some TLC............well its been a lil journey this week.

Not juice lol, my double shot Costa (before my juicy week )

Day one was haaaard especially as I had to cook a full English fry up for Mr Lavender Barn and sit drinking my juice with him while he ate dinner lol. but I survived, went to bed thinking I never expected to get through the first day, chuffed.

Day two was a little difficult in that this was when I felt most tired, felt happy enough and had the required amount of juices plus copious amounts of water.

Day three was a bitch !  felt really hungry all day, and in truth wondered why I was doing this lol

Day four was simply fantastic, had to force myself to have my juice as I wasn't even hungry, felt fab :) excited enough to buy a new juicer.

Day five was a breeze, still managing to cook his fry up ( and smile) lol had my juices although defiantly not starved, this is becoming quite addictive, lets see what day 6 brings.

Day five came with the added bonus of being featured on the Joe Cross  website ( Fat sick and nearly dead fame)   to be fair he is my Aussie god, if you remember from a previous post it was watching the film on Netflix Fat Sick and nearly dead, that sparked my interest in juicing.

Joe Cross: ‘We all have the ability to encourage each other’

watch this space.

Love n hugz, Lyn x


  1. Amazing post dear!


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