Moda in Pelle Happy Feet

How excited was I when the postman came today !

I was absolutely desperate for these sandals to arrive as to me they are simply perfect for any occasion, the sparkly 2 tone jewels really do go with any colour, and I just love the leather insoles with the gold toes.  

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They actually come in silver, gold or black.  I chose gold as I just love it with white in the summer, but to be honest I may well treat myself to another pair in silver while they are on sale,  lets be honest they are hardly going to go out of fashion so will be just fine for next year :)

 I am so sad I will wear sandles till the very very last days of summer, and for me the more bling the better, they are seriously comfy and gave them a little run out into town this afternoon, I nearly walked straight into a pushchair staring down at my purdy shiny feet...oops.

Oh I almost forgot, these are from Moda in Pelle  called Lainey and are on sale reduced from £69.95 to £36.95.....gotta love a bargain !

if you want to grab them or just browse the site it is 

Available by clicking here

Love n Hugz 
Lyn x