Loft Space tale,

Recently I had the task of entering my Loft, and by loft you are probably thinking  of some airy New York looking space...............

No...........I mean the REAL loft, that scary grubby space that is a hole in the ceiling that you enter with a dodgy ladder at best, I have lived in this house for around 20 years and have entered the hole possibly once, by enter I mean poking my head inside the hole while being very brave on a ladder ( I don't do heights) even standing on a chair is a challenge,  Blimey !   I could break a hip at this age :)

The loft to me is a place that I am in control of by standing at the bottom of the ladder giving instructions as to what colour theme Christmas is going to be, and describing boxes.

On this occasion I REALLY went in and what did I discover ?  I would love to say something really precious and valuable , but no I discovered that I have a veritable aviary going on up there, for some strange reason this weird old house was built with a huge gap all around the roof joining the house, it is now full of nest housing Swifts, Don't laugh but I am scared of birds lol.

I wouldn't have the heart to evict them, BUT it now means that I can't open my bedroom window fully in case one of them flies in and pecks my eyes out !

Am feeling a little chuffed with myself and may now add conservationist to my resume.

Love and Hugz
Lyn xx

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