10 Things your Mumma Said.

10 things your Mumma said !

 " Will you just look at the dirt on your face"  if this were possible I would have joined the circus.
"Charlie's Dead" Leaving me desperately worried as a child that some long lost relative had died, when what she actually meant was that my slip was showing !
"Eat your dinner people in Africa are starving"  This one earned me a slap at about age 8 when I suggested she post it.
"Don't you look at me with those eyes " well.........really ? do I have a spare pair ?
"The sandman is coming"  OMG this was the best !  Laying in bed terrified some old fella was going to come and sling sand in my eyes !
"Close your mouth and get on with your dinner "  reoccurring theme here my tellings off seemed to revolve around food lol.
"Don't you make me come up those bloody stairs "  Meaning if she missed a second of Coronation St, I was in deep doo doo.
" When I was your age "  another slap occurred when I innocently asked if people wore crinolines in those days, ha ha trendy 50's Mother was not overly impressed.
Apparently nice girls don't pass wind or burp.......we all just walk around like over inflated helium balloons.
And finally, " Eat your crusts " Don't even ask me why crusts are good for you, to this day I have no clue.
If this rings any bells with you I would love to hear your comments, and how many of us have heard our Mother's coming out of our own mouths ?
 when we swore we never would lol
Love N Hugz
Lyn x


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