10 things about ageing

Ok here we go, this is going to hit some home truths hopefully in a lighthearted way lol.

1. Getting out of bed...this is not how it's supposed to feel, I would like to jump up throw on some trainers and run around the village, well that ain't happening !  getting up requires a great deal of stretching just to get things bloody moving.

2. Getting up to pee a zillion times in the night.......yes you know !

3. Looking in the mirror and seeing your Mum looking back at you, no matter how dear she is/was too you it's not something you want to happen :)

4. Laughing too hard = pee, coughing too hard = pee, being tickled = pee, jumping too hard on kids trampoline,  yep you guessed it !

5. If you are not already attached, Dating.......men of our age look old wrinkly and ugly. Get a CAT.

6. Here's my fav, memory.....who said that ?  seriously what happens ? where does it go ? I thought it would start to diminish in my eighties but oh nooooooooooo.  she who found the TV remote in the fridge :)

7. Looking really old and stupid in front of your kids, when they criticise you for not being able to understand the latest piece of technology, remind them who taught them how to use a TOILET.

8. Small print, now I don't know about you but I am convinced print size is smaller nowadays, I can often be seen staring closely at the ingredients list on a supermarket product, with squinty eyes and my nose pressed against the packaging, it's THEM not us.

9. Sleep, Hot & sweating like a bloody furnace or freezing cold, and please do not get me started on listening to snoring grrrrrrrrrrr

10.  "NAN be careful "........oh no I wont, and yes I will show you up in the play area at the park......why ?  because I can and it amuses me lol.

I could probably go on.........but I can't remember what I was going to type.

Love n Hugz Lyn x


  1. Ugh! the getting out of bed thing - my bones now crackle for about an hour trying to get going. The dating thing - I still can't get used to the older man look...it's like my brain is still back in my 20's - with the perception of "dirty old man" I gotta get hypnotized or something...'cause I'm not ready for that CAT.

  2. Don't they just look creepy ? and in our heads we still look teenage by comparison lol

    Lyn x

  3. These are hilarious! I once stood up from the dinner table to show my grown kids how we use to dance to Billy Idol. I ended up with a trip to the emergency room to get a cast on my wrist!

  4. LOL Joni I shouldn't laugh but it sounds like the kind of thing I would do.
    Hugz Lyn x


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