Teacups and flowers

There is something just lovely about vintage tea cups and saucers, and as lovely as they are to own, how often do we give visitors a cup and saucer ? apart from turning them into candles or having them just sat in some sort of display cabinet the idea of using them to display floral displays really appeals to me.

Easily done, all you need for a basic display is some oasis, either from a garden centre or florists suppliers.

Now you may even want to get a little bit more exotic and add some layers, with matching plates and a little moss !

Or even totally go overboard with this stunning display of flowers seemingly falling from the cup :)

For this you will need a hot glue gun, I have seen this done with gluing a bent fork into place rather than the plastic tubing, it's stronger and can be used time and again. A little oasis taped to the fork and glued into both the cup and saucer seemed a good idea to me to keep the arrangement fresher for longer.

Would love to hear your comments and ideas.

Lyn x