Summer's on the way

What a feeling when you know Summer is on it's way, it seems that winter is just something to get through until the Daffodils show their little faces, proving Spring has arrived. With the event of closing the retail shop last year this is my first Summer at home, yippee for me, that said, I am no gardener so really had no plans other than sitting in the sun catching some rays :) easier said than done methinks the garden is a mess ! and being the tidy freak that I am couldn't sit without at least attempting to tidy it up, ohhhhhhhhhhh here we go ! the bug has bitten and I now have grand illusions of growing veg to feed my new found healthier lifestyle, will wait for you to stop laughing, I am a bloody disaster and it is not going to plan, I stand in wonder looking at dying seedlings until it suddenly dawns on me that I have drowned the poor things by over loving them with the wet stuff !........moving on, one of my absolute favourite things about summer is being able to use the washing line, sad I know but bare with me I don't get out much lol, there is something just lovely about the smell of clean air dried washing, to the point that I even fake it indoors with Fresh cotton Yankee Jars.


  1. I hear you loud and clear about the clothesline Lynda. I just love doing the laundry since we got our own machine and we no longer have to haul baskets of laundry to the laundromat or borrowed machines. Even as I type that I can hear my inner 10yr old tomboy yelling Nooooo! but yes, I do love it.

    Even more though I love carrying the basket of cleaned clothes out into the wee garden with the clothesline in it and carefully hanging every item to dry in the wind and occasional sunshine.

    The clothes not only smell great, they feel better too, softer and fresher. The added bonus is that I get to be surrounded by lovely old trees and listen to the riot of birdsong. For the past month the cuckoo has been busy setting up home in someone else nest and singing loudly while she does it so we have the sweet cuckoo coming at us from four directions - such bliss! Life is different at 50 :)


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