"Mutton dressed as lamb "

This afternoon I was in the shower thinking, as you do :) the reason for showering in the afternoon was that I had been pottering in the garden, anyway, my thoughts turned to a saying my mum used to use quite often,   "mutton dressed as lamb ". How strange is it that women would think so badly of each other, when nowadays we celebrate the fact that a woman looks good for her age, in fact we are  a world obsessed with age,  but I think now it's in a good and positive way, no longer do women of a certain age have to look like a woman of a certain age, the world is our oyster !
Totally Glam

 I think in fairness to my mum's, comments  there is  still a risk of looking like mutton, too much boobage, too much leg showing, logo slogan T shirts and most definitely muffin tops are really things best avoided lol. Other than those few rules it seems that anything goes, back in the day you wouldn't have dreamed of owning a pair of elasticated trousers or comfy jammies and fluffy slippers, today the kids have made it  cool to be comfy .....win win lol.

Elastic waist palazzo pants, flats and oversized jewels, way to go us , could it be any better ?,   I have  recently seen examples of women up to their eighties who are still rocking the look, and why bloody not ? I for one at the ripe old age of 58 do not intend to ever give up being interested in clothes, make up and the latest trends, my girls and granddaughters are testament to that, even borrowing  Mums/Nannas  clothes and jewellery.

Do what makes you happy ( you deserve it), know yourself, know your style, and do it with confidence.
Big hugs
Lyn x

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  1. Ya know, I just had to comment on this one - I wore a River Island (!!) jumpsuit the other day into London, had a blogger event and wanted to look 'put together'. Well, it had palazzo style legs (which I like because I have quite big thighs haha) and I threw on some jewellery to dress it up. I got so many compliments and to be honest, it was the EASIEST and MOST COMFORTABLE thing to wear on a warm day. Hell yeah, we have so many good options and just because I'm over 40 doesn't mean I don't want to look nice and stylish ;) Amen to that! xxx

  2. Bet you looked fab !, love jumpsuits they are like posh onsies foe the Summer xxx


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