Excited much ?

Today I had the joy of my latest H&M delivery, I had been desperately waiting on it's arrival as the parcel seemed to go via Australia,  thanks to Hermes.
Inside my little box of joy were 2 jumpers and the nude handbag I had been lusting after, I have an absolute obsession with this colour as I find it so easy to wear with most things and is for sure the most flattering colour around at the moment,  and my purchases were an absolute bargain, handbag 29.99 online, for some strange reason it is 39.99 in store ? ,Powder blue cotton short sleeved jumper  7.99 that I needed go go with  recent purchase of white boyfriend jeans. And a nude long sleeved jumper that is in the finest knit ever ! At 12.99 and really is a bit of a bum coverer, heaven lol.


  1. Love the bag xx

    1. Hi Millie, it's too fabulous, tons of room for all my daily junk. xxxx


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