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Simple Ways To Make Re-Decorating Easier #AD

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I thought this article was interesting as I am seriously thinking about decorating at the moment, but you know what it's like you start one job then end up thinking the whole house needs doing! It can be a never ending task, this is well worth a little read.

Simple Ways to Make Re-decorating Easier
For many people, redecorating is a drag. It is certainly not something that they look forward to doing. Often, this is because they are short on time and are working with a tight budget.
Fortunately, there are lots of ways to speed things up and make the redecorating process easier. I have been decorating for 40 years now. During that time I have picked up quite a few tips that have made redecorating my home a lot easier. I am sure that they can help you too.
This was an amazing revelation for me, imagine never having to paint skirtings?
If you are someone who dreads having to paint your skirting boards, consider replacing them instead. You can easily buy what you need here or from a similar retailer that delivers to your area. Provided you choose the veneered type, you will never have to worry about painting your skirting boards again.
Just be sure to install a doorstop and take care when hoovering. That way your veneered skirting boards will not get scuffed or dented. Run over them, every now and again, with a damp cloth. This will keep everything dust free and looking good.
If you decide to leave your traditional skirting boards in place, and they need repainting, I suggest that you read this article. It includes a great tip that makes repainting skirting boards, in a carpeted room, super easy.
Rework what you already have
Never be afraid to simply re-work what is there. Often you can transform a room by just making a few changes.
For example, you could install a dado rail and only repaint the bottom half of your walls. Or, you could use stencils and wall stickers to update the look of a room. This short article and video gives you several ways to refresh a room in just 10 minutes. You just need to implement two of them each day, after work, to totally transform your living room or bedroom.
Clear the room
This next tip will seem counter-intuitive to a lot of you. But, I promise you that it will make things a lot easier. Whenever possible, empty the room that you

are redecorating. Or, at the very least move everything to the centre and cover it with plenty of sheeting.
Being able to get to every corner of the room easily will enable you to work much faster. Plus, it will greatly reduce the chances of accidents happening. Spilling paint over a floor will put a big dent in your budget and it will take you hours to clean it up properly.
You will easily get back the hour or so you spend clearing the room and putting everything back afterward. Plus, you will be able to achieve a much better finish when you do not have to reach around things to get the paint in the right place.
Stay organised
Having to stop and start to pop to the shop to buy something will soon swallow up your time. It is much better to mentally go through the task at hand and create a list of everything you need to complete it. This will ensure you can buy everything before you start.
Work as a team
If everyone in the family helps the decorating process will go a lot faster. Again, you need to be organised. Work out what everyone is going to be doing in advance, so no time is wasted on the day. Remember to reward everyone for a job well done. This will help the decorating process to go smoother and ensure that your family members are always willing to help, in the future.

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