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Guiltless Skin

Guiltless Skin
Guiltless Skin 

Hi Loves,

If like me you love little known independent beauty brands then read on;

This brand bring you organic, cruelty free, vegan beauty products that are all backed up by certification. Not just words on packaging, and talking of packaging there is nothing loud or "in your face" on the companies packaging, just simple clean pure looks which totally highlight the contents within.

Guiltless Skin has been quite a discovery for me, and to be fair I often approach indie brands with a level of scepticism, there are lots out there that believe if they are made in a kitchen that makes them different and note worthy, when in truth a lot of the time you are looking at ingredients that could be mixed from google.  Guiltless Skin was born from passion, passion from the owner to solve her dry skin problems in the most natural way possible. It is definitely worth reading her story over on the company website. For now all you need to know from me is do these products work?

Guiltless Skin

Guiltless Skin Rosehip Cleansing Gel. 105ml  glass pump bottle.  ( 50ml shown here)

Firstly, not to pour water on any ones fireworks. I would not call this a gel it is a balm/oil formula which turned out to be a lovely surprise as this is my favourite form of cleansing, the balm leaves the pump with a little oil released at the same time, massaged into the skin it does a fabulous job of removing make up and grime, add a drop of water and the balm emulsifies and removes super easily with warm water and a cloth, I used the Guiltless Skin 100% Organic Green fibres cloth. My skin was left soft and fresh with no redness or tight feeling.

Guiltless Skin
Guiltless Skin 

Guiltless Skin Hydrate Moisture Serum 30ml

If you are a lover of Rose fragrance products, this is for you, this rich clear serum literally sinks into the skin as though your skin is desperate for a drink, the glass bottle and pipette deliver just the right amount of serum for a full face and neck, gently pat into the skin, this can also be used around the orbital bone of the eye area. It leaves no residue and your skin is ready for the next step in your routine, in this case 

Guiltless Skin
Guiltless Skin 

Guiltless Skin Revive Organic Face Oil 30ml

I always approach skin oil with trepidation as often they are fabulous for your nighttime routine but for me personally way to heavy and oily for use during the day, this oil really made a pleasant change, it applied as an oil but literally almost disappeared into the skin leaving moisture rather that grease, it absorbed so well is was perfectly fine with foundation applied directly over the top, I did use a water based foundation, and oil base may be a little too much, but of course it is your personal preference.

I really have enjoyed using these products, and if I were forced to name a favourite it would be difficult but the cleansing gel would win.

Guiltless Skin products can be found directly on their own website, where you will find many many special offers and sample sizes, which to me always show a sign of confidence in a product.

Lyn x 

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