Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Aromatherapy Associates Body Brush

Aromatherapy Associates  Body Brush
Aromatherapy Associates  Body Brush

Hi Loves,

I have been looking into the benefits of dry body brushing for the longest time, this natural way of removing dead skin cells, improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage has been a wellbeing ritual for those in the know for years, I can forgive myself a little for being late to this party as I did attempt dry body brushing with a cheap hand held battery gizmo, that to be fair was more of a tickle than a brush!

This time I have been standing in the bath dry brushing as though my life depended on it!  what a satisfying experience, oh my goodness I knew I had dry skin, but seriously I am a flipping lizard, hence the standing IN the bath, I literally couldn't believe my eyes at how much I was shedding, come to think of it now I am writing this it's actually quite revolting and I should probably be embarrassed, ha!  you know by now I have no shame when it comes to over sharing.

Aromatherapy Associates  Body Brush
Aromatherapy Associates  Body Brush

My latest love is my BEAUTIFUL Aromatheraphy Associates Body Brush, it is a fabulously chunky wooden hand held brush with pure cactus bristles which leave your skin  feeling totally refreshed and alive ready to absorb your favoured moisturising method after showering. Here's the thing, don't think you can just pick up a brush and start scrubbing away at your skin as though it was laundry! NO, the method is to start are the ankles and work your way up towards the heart.  If you are interested there are lots of demonstration videos on YouTube, I didn't make one of these for you as nobody wants or needs to see that! - trust me LOL

Aromatherapy Associates  Body Brush
Aromatherapy Associates  Body Brush

Seriously, if you have never tried body brushing DO IT, your skin will thank you for it, and it's actually quite fun and therapeutic.

Lyn x   

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