Monday, 26 March 2018

PUR Dream Chaser Vanity Palette

PUR Dream Chaser
PUR Dream Chaser Palette

Hi Loves,
Palettes!  How many do you own? and more to the point how many do you actually use?  I have a ton of palettes (shamefully) and I could count on one hand how many I actually use, and even less how many I use more than 2 shades in each palette, it's such a waste. We get suckered into buying the latest shiniest newest thing that is all over the Internet, and quite honestly look far better in an Instagram photo than they will ever look on your face!  being of "cough"  mature a  years I have no desire to look like a Mermaid or Unicorn, but of course I pick up these multi colour beauties and ohh ahhh over the shiny glitter knowing full well that it will be like a spotlight highlighting lines and wrinkles like nothing on earth.

PUR Dream Chaser Palette
PUR Dream Chaser Palette

Moving on to the PUR Dream Chaser Palette, lovely shiny box ✅ gorgeous shiny palette case ✅ fabulous large mirror✅ However..........looking at the palette itself I was pretty uninspired, no Unicorns or Mermaids in sight!  what I did see was a standard range of shades that were quite frankly pretty ordinary.  This my darlings is the proverbial box of chocolates, it's OMG moment arrives once you start using it and even more so when you realise you are picking it up daily and actually using it in it's fullness!!! The formulations are butter soft and pigmented, the blush  bronzer and highlighter are subtle but enough without making you look like a child has coloured in your face, and the eye shades although they look matte do have a very very slight soft semi sheen, that make them both flattering and super blendable.  It's crazy how easy this palette is to use, it is both functional and flattering and I actually love it for both of those reasons.

PUR Dream Chaser Palette

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • Gluten Free
PUR Dream Chaser Palette
PUR Dream Chaser Palette

PUR is a brand that I am really falling in love with of late and you can read my other posts Here   I am hoping to bring you more from PUR as I am now desperate to try out more of these cheekily deceptive palettes.

Lyn x 

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