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Hiya Darlins,
The Christmas shopping is now in full swing and I think it's too easy to get caught up in panic buying and the buying of a present just for the sake of it. How often do any of us put real thought into what we buy? I think the intention is always there, but the sheer panic of the season often makes us make rash choices just to get the job done.

I spent almost an entire evening browsing Notonthehighstreet.com which for me is the perfect place for those thoughtful gifts, if your loved one has any sort of hobby just type it in the search and away you go, or just browsing suddenly ideas just pop up and leave you thinking. Oh that would be perfect for .....

I am writing this post in the confidence that my family don't read my blog posts, but I wanted to share with you a couple of the gifts I purchased.  I only found out recently that years ago my eldest Daughter lost her purse, well I did know at the time. What I didn't know until recently was that she had kept a post it note in  her purse  that I had apparently written some years ago simply saying, I love you x.   I honestly can't remember writing it, but apparently that was the only reason she was upset about losing her purse. Of course it would be easy for me to write another sticky note, but while on the site I spotted a key ring which read I love you like jelly tots. BINGO this is something she says all the time, and even better I could have it engraved Love Mum x - better still I could have the reverse engraved with the wording - better than a post it note x
I am so pleased at this little gift, as whilst it didn't break the bank it has thought and meaning for my Daughter and I know will make her smile.


 Talking of Daughters, my youngest Daughter has an absolute passion for art work especially Typography. While searching through the huge variety on offer, it suddenly dawned on me that she needs to conserve wall space as she is downsizing. This led me onto wall art in the form of stickers and I found the most adorable feather design, nice, although they were in black! A simple click and I discovered I could have them in any colour of the rainbow, so the obvious choice for my girl was gold. I can't wait to see these up on the wall, in fact I am quite jealous.

While I was at it, I couldn't resist staying with the personalised theme.


I have used stock images in this post as I wanted to share my finds with you quickly, I will add my own photo's after Christmas of the real thing.

If I had walked the shops for days I wouldn't have found better presents that had meaning to them, plus I was able to drink copious amounts of tea while making my choices so win, win.

Lyn x 

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