Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Style Freedom Dry Shampoo

Style Freedom Dry Shampoo
Style Freedom Dry Shampoo

Hi Gorgeous

Hair washing, love it or loathe it sometimes you are just hard pressed for time and need a solution to getting ready and out the door in super quick time.

I have never been a lover or user of dry shampoo as my outdated ideas were from the time when it very first hit the market years and years ago, back then it was little more than a can of talc that left you feeling grubby and looking powdery, oh my word, how things have change, I often read about dry shampoo's and still secretly think ( Yuk ) my daughters and grandaughter's wouldn't live without it and yet I still wasn't tempted.

Style Freedom Dry Shampoo
Style Freedom Dry Shampoo

Recently I was sent this Dry Shampoo from Colour Freedom to try out, reluctantly I did.  My hair was on it's second day and looking limp, I gave myself a liberal dose of this spray paying particular attention to the roots, firstly the smell was amazing, it instantly made my hair smell just washed, secondly it felt amazing, not clogged just clean. I was seriously impressed, it looked and felt as though it had been washed !  full, with bounce and no sign of powder at all.

I can see now why the girls love it, how flippin handy to have in your bag or drawer at work, or for those days of waking up feeling slightly worse for wear from the night before and needing to get ready for work feeling like hell ! I can honestly say my opinion has changed and this little can of help will be replaced when this one is empty.

Find Style Freedom Dry Shampoo Here 

Are you a dry shampoo lover ?

Lyn 💋


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