Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Hello Canvas

Hello Canvas
Hello Canvas 

Hiya Darlins

This beautiful sunshine we are having on the odd days here in the UK really does set your mind off on dreams of exotic locations, or just fabulous old fashioned days out on the beach with the kids, whatever your thing you are bound to take some great pictures that you want to treasure forever, you know, that odd one that you fall in love with as it was so natural and so easy to take.

Hello Canvas
Hello Canvas 

I am now going to sound ancient, whilst I love all that today's technology brings us, I do hate the idea of great memories being lost on the hard drive of a computer only to be forgotten about.  I am of course of the photo album generation, which I think ceased in this house around the 80's sadly. 
  I bring you Hello Canvas a great site in which you can have your favourites put onto canvas from £8.00, whilst I am not a one for family photos all over the place, the thing I think personally would be my number one use of this site would be for wall art, you just send your pic and lo and behold you have affordable wall art,  how many times have you searched for the perfect prints for a newly decorated room ? my recent choice from the site was wall art as a gift for one of my Grandaughters, she is an Air Hostess and gets to visit some fantastic locations on her travels and and the map prints from Hello Canvas come with little flags that you pin into the canvas to mark your travels it seemed ideal. 

Hello Canvas
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I can tell you it was a huge success, she loves it, and is now desperate to fill up all sides of the globe, the maps are a great piece of art even if you don't want to pin them, they do come in a few designs the one I chose was the School map as I loved the colours. Delivery was super quick, and safely packed, the canvas also comes with a hanging kit which is really handy.

Have a look for yourself, I think it's worth bookmarking this site for future use, as it occurred to me, that it would be a cheap way of personalising the decorations for a birthday party of celebration.

Find them Here at Hello Canvas

Lyn 💋

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