Wednesday, 18 January 2017

SKINN Dimitri James Hand Restore

SKINN Dimitri James Hand Restore
SKINN Dimitri James Hand Restore

Winter !  don't even get me started about this season, I know some people love it and we get bombarded with visions of woolly socks, chunky knit throws and large cream filled mugs of hot chocolate, but my reality is that the sooner it's gone the better.  Give me a beach and flip flops any day in preference to de-icing a car !

I personally suffer with a few issues in this delightful season, hair that wont behave in the damp, dry skin and hands that need constant protection as this weather kills them.  Let me be honest here, I am rubbish at applying hand cream and looking after them as well as I should, shoot me now, I don't oil my cuticles nightly !  The problem I have with hand cream is that I hate to wear rubber gloves, in fact I don't wear them at all and I do love household bleach, I know it's a bad combination, however...........I am a bit long in the tooth to suddenly become perfect, so I do rely on products that compensate for my lack of care :)

SKINN Dimitri James Hand Restore
SKINN Dimitri James Hand Restore

SKINN by Dimitri James is a brand that I have written about before and you can read that post here if you are curious.  This time I was lucky enough to try out Hand Restore which really does what is says on the tube ( Restore ) This rich hand cream gives you a water resistant barrier as well as magically repairing any signs of dryness and whitening pigmentation ( age spots ) to you and me. It works, you need to allow it a couple of minutes to absorb, you are then supplied with a cream that wont rinse of every two seconds and protects your hands from chemicals. win, win.

This well known US brand is available here in the UK directly from Ideal World TV HERE

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