Thursday, 19 January 2017

DHC Quick Film Smoother

DHC Quick Film Smoother
DHC Quick Film Smoother

Hi Loves
Now you are probably wondering what on earth is a Quick Film Smoother ? well let me explain. You know how it is when some days when your face just won't play nice ? it insists on looking old and tired no matter how fanatical you have been with your skincare and foundation application ? 

DHC the marvel from Japan have the answer to all our prayers, well almost, I still don't own a house in Spain but you can't have it all :)
This amazing golden tube of fabulousness  literally smooths away fine lines and creases, obviously it's not Botox and if you have some deep worry lines it wont fix those but what it will do is give you a completely softened almost airbrushed look to diffuse the appearance of tiredness and little fine lines.

DHC Quick Film Smoother
DHC Quick Film Smoother

Apply your skincare as usual and as the final step tap a tiny amount of product to where you think you need help, eyes, forehead etc; apply foundation or base of your choice, although I do take this one extra step and apply a tiny bit  more over my foundation  I include above my top lip in this routine. it leaves the tube white, applies clear is fragrance free and works somehow without the egg white tightening effect you get with similar products, it feels comfortable to use and doesn't flake off. 

DHC  Quick Film Smoother is available here 

I can see this making it's way into my 2017 favourites list already.  You can read my other DHC reviews HERE

Love Lyn 💋  

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