Friday, 11 November 2016

Prestige Flowers

Prestige Flowers

Hello My Loves

Is there anything nice than a knock on the door with a flower delivery ?  I can't think of anything that is a better surprise.

I had such a surprise recently from a company I had not heard of before Prestige Flowers.  A Knock on the door by the Postman with a huge cardboard box, funnily enough he said with a cheeky wink "Oh someone loves you "  to which I probably mumbled something LOL

Prestige Flowers

On opening the box, not only was I presented with the most sunning display of hand tied Roses the package also included some Belgium chocs and a vase wrapped carefully in bubble wrap, how handy is that ?  of course I had vases in the house but I think it's a flipping fantastic touch especially if you were sending to a man, or wanted a flower delivery to a hotel or office.

Prestige Flowers

So there I was with my flowers, vase, chocolates and flower food, I don't need to tell you how happy this sight made me !  Currently on offer you would get all of this excl vase for around 25.00 delivered !   that's just crazy, if you wanted to add the vase it's an additional 5.99  I have to admit to being seriously impressed, I have only just on writing this post checked out the website, as I like to form an unbiased opinion before writing, and I admit to being 100% shocked by the prices.

Prestige Flowers

I have also had the pleasure of a Luxury Bouquet from Prestige in the form of their Haute range. New York Rose and Orchid hand tied at £40.00 which was mind blowing in it's peachy gorgeousness.

Prestige Flowers

At these prices you could even treat yourself once in a while, open the door with a surprised face and sit back and enjoy a cuppa, your chocs and your flowers :)

Check them out here Prestige Flowers

Love n Hugs

Lyn x

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