Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Tints of Nature Hydrate Shampoo / Conditioner

Tints of Nature Hydrate Shampoo / Conditioner

Hello Gorgeous

You may never have heard of Tints of Nature, I hadn't, so I was delighted to try out their Hydrate shampoo and conditioner, this company is predominantly a natural Hair care company using the maximum in organic and ethical products with the absolute minimum chemicals, they have a huge range of permanent and semi permanent hair colours, which I would have dearly loved to try out but as you know I colour grey, so was unable to trial it, but hold on for a further post, my daughter with dark brown hair will be testing this out for me as soon as it arrives :)

I really have found this company interesting to explore, with the rise in awareness of chemicals and all things damaging, I honestly fell a little bit in love when using the shampoo and conditioner, knowing that they were full of good ingredients,  certified cruelty free and also, most importantly for me - colour safe, we all know that sadness at watching your fresh colour rinse away with the bubbles in the shower.

Tints of Nature Hydrate Shampoo / Conditioner

The shampoo contains 100% natural aromatics, and I have to be honest and say it had little or no fragrance to it at all which I actually quite like as I find a lot of clashing perfumes a bit off putting.  
It did give a nice creamy almost conditioner feel lather, rinsed well and to be honest I think I could have possibly left it without the conditioner- a lightly fragranced thick treatment that really did give shine and bounce to may hair, no residue feel, just 
fresh soft locks.

Tints of Nature Hydrate Shampoo / Conditioner

To be honest I think these are fabulous to use even if you don't have coloured hair.

The whole range including colours can be found here http://www.tintsofnature.com/

Lyn x

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