Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Into The Garden Mary Kay

Into The Garden Mary Kay

Hiya Darlins

I have been very remiss with my rambling of late as I have been away in Spain and the internet was almost non existent.

This post should have come out before I went away but I have been using this on a regular basis and I actually took this little palette with me, as it it filled with Summery colours.

Into The Garden Mary Kay

The Palette is a complete colour compact designed by Partricia Bonaldi especially for Mary Kay, with a quad of the most finely milled shimmer powder shadows, and three super shimmer lip glosses complete with it's double ended brush it was perfect for holiday.  If you are like me and love all things girly then the Into The Garden range is sheer perfection, with it's feminine floral packaging and subtle girlie shades, the quality for such a reasonable price is really impressive, no wonder it is a USA top selling brand.  I have written about Mary Kay previously which  you can read Here .

Into The Garden Mary Kay

While on the Subject of Mary Kay, I wanted to share this delightful little set of soaps with you, I am not a user of soap bars, but must admit to buying them for the bathroom and to pop into drawers for the fragrance, this little trio are exceptional on the fragrance front, to the point that I have just left one wrapped on my desk and it is filling the office with a gorgeous fresh floral scent, I have one in the bathroom and can literally smell it out onto the landing, they are gorgeous.

Into The Garden Mary Kay

Once again in the beautiful floral packaging, this would make an ideal gift, if you could actually bring yourself to part with them !

Mary Kay can be found in the UK at www.MaryKay.co.uk

Lyn x


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