Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Roger & Gallet Fluer de Figuier Perfumed Soaps

Roger & Gallet Fluer de Figuier Perfumed Soaps

Hiya Darlins

Now I don't know about you but I am not a soap person, which is a bit odd as I am of the generation that had nothing other than soap, and pretty basic stuff at that !

Roger & Gallet Fluer de Figuier Perfumed Soaps

I recently had the opportunity to try Roger & Gallet, Fluer de Figuier Soaps in a set of three.  these soaps come beautifully gift boxed and are individually wrapped in red tissue paper keeping then dry and fragrant.  On opening the box I was hit with what could only be described as a Mediterranean summer evening, the notes of Pink Peppercorn & Fig just fuse to give you a fruity warm fragrance , which you would imagine to be heavy and cloying, it isn't, it is a light definitely summer fresh scent that turns slightly musky as your body warms,  as I say I am not a regular soap user, but did use this soap on my body without any itching, which was a total shock to me! although incredibly fragrant it was also fairly mild.

Roger & Gallet Fluer de Figuier Perfumed Soaps

For me personally, this little round bar filled the bathroom with the most gorgeous scent, and I would definitely give these as a gift to some of my soap loving friends, you know who you are, as for myself I would use them as hand and guest soaps, simply for the fragrance. 

Roger & Gallet Fluer de Figuier Perfumed Soap Set is Available at £12.50 Here

Are you a soap lover ? would love to know your favs.

Love n Hugs
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