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Swiss Code Pure Genistein | Swiss Code Bionic Stem Cell Age Control

Swiss Code Pure Genistein | Swiss Code Bionic Stem Cell Age Control

Hi Darlins

I was lucky enough to be given these two products from Swisscode by the gorgeous people at the Epsom Skin Clinic. I had some treatment there that you can read about here  after my treatment my skin was analysed in a consultation and it was recommended that I use these two products from Swisscode for at least 2 months, this actually made me a little nervous as you know I test out skin care on a regular basis, I didn't need to worry as these products are used under your usual skincare.

Starting off with Swisscode Pure Genistien a beautiful luxurious high end serum that is full of Collagen boosting ingredients.
 Genistein is a phytoestrogen from the group of Isoflavonoids, belonging to the secondary plant substances, which occurs in a biologcally active form in the soybean, through a special reaction it is being actively transferred to Genistien............still with me ?
Pure Genestien as an active ingredient stimulates the metabolism of fibroblasts enabling the synthesis of Collagen. 

Swiss Code Pure Genistein | Swiss Code Bionic Stem Cell Age Control

Genestein is a true collagen booster and as well all know that little devil depletes with age and it becomes the focus of most skincare aims today..........boost collagen, reduce loose skin ! after warming slightly in your palms the Genistein is applied in small, fast circular motions , cheeks, chin, nose and then forehead.

once applied and the liquid dries you instantly feel and see tightening effect on the skin, as I said this is the first stage in this skincare so the tight feeling is softened by the addition of ..........

Swiss Code Pure Genistein | Swiss Code Bionic Stem Cell Age Control

Swisscode Bionic Stem Cell Age Control, This lightweight creamy serum consists of cultivated plant stem cells providing anti oxidants as well as protecting against loss of moisture and Collagen.
literally one pump of this serum was enough to do my whole face and neck, it smooths on and absorbs like a dream, leaving your skin soft smooth and prepared for your next stage moisturiser.

I have truly loved using these, these 2 products do come with a hefty price tag so they are definitely  not an impulse buy, but if you are serious about your skincare, I would highly recommend a consultation with a SwissCode consultant, you could be very pleasantly surprised :)

I visited The Epsom Skin Care Clinic In Surrey http://www.epsomskinclinics.com/   

Here is a list of SwissCode Clinics if you are not in Surrey http://www.swisscode-uk.co.uk/where-to-buy/

Love n Hugz
Lyn x

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