Friday, 15 April 2016

Swarovski Crystal Make up Brush Sets

Swarovski Crystal Make up Brush Sets

Hi Darlins

I was very kindly sent two sets of the most amazing make up brushes featuring Swarovski Crystal handles, I can honestly say they are stunning, currently these brushes are only available from Swarovski Austria in Crystalworld, Innsbruck and Vienna. however they will be available from the brand partners Total Partners on a website that is currently under construction

Swarovski Crystal Make up Brush Sets
Swarovski Crystal Make up Brush Sets

The first set of three include a large very soft powder brush, the flat square head shadow brush, and a finer flat point brush again for eyes, the clear acrylic handles are filled with millions of tiny Swarovski Crystals and are quite heavy, so you really do feel as though you are holding quality in your hand.
These brushes work incredibly well and wash without any hair loss at all, I can envisage having these for years to come.

Swarovski Crystal Make up Brush Sets

Next Up is again another set of three, this time in black acrylic with each one featuring 3 individual Swarovski Crystals on each handle. This really is a dedicated eye trio with a sponge applicator, a brow and lash brush and comb, and a flat very soft shadow brush which picks up powders beautifully.

Swarovski Crystal Make up Brush Sets

Once these are available to the UK market they are sure to be a huge hit.

If You can't wait you could always drop an email to 

who I am sure would ship some to you.

Love n Hugz

Lyn x


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