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Shake Weight Roll My Experience

Shake Weight Roll My Experience

Hiya Darlins

As you know I am always looking for ways to shed a few pounds, and to be fair I could probably be called lazy when it comes to exercise, I am no gym bunny by any standards although I do like to do a bit at home, when I was presented with the opportunity to try out Shake Weight Roll, I admit to having a little grin and thinking oh here we go another gimmick that I won't use.

Shake Weight Roll My Experience

Also to be honest I really couldn't see how hard it could be to shake a plastic gizmo..............WRONG on all counts, I have seen Shake Weight in the past and dismissed it as not being "real" exercise, on arrival I gave it a little shake, still not convinced,  Mr LB came home from work and I was keen to show him my new gizmo thinking he would totally take the mickey out of me, as he is is a gym bunny and thinks you need to pay money to do "real " exercise, but he promised to give it a go with me that evening.

Shake Weight Roll My Experience

The Shake Weight Roll comes with a blow up cushion to kneel on protecting your joints, a DVD of an 8.5 minute work out and an exercise chart.  We decided that 8.5 minutes would be a breeze and we could get it over and done with before settling down in front of the telly box.
I wish I had used a video camera, it was hysterical, Mr fitness couldn't even manage 5 minutes let alone 8.5 he was positively sweating, and throwing out a few expletives about how it isn't possible to find it that hard !
next it was my turn, although I had already done an ab workout just laughing at him, I couldn't do 3 minutes, oh my lord this thing is deceptive, the exercises themselves are really simple, there is no rocket science to it, but unbelievably effective, talk about raising your heart rate !  The instructor on the DVD is clearly as fit as a butchers dog and makes it look oh so simple ( insert rude name here ) I just looked like a sweating heap.

Shake Weight Roll My Experience

Not one to be beaten I continued with my new toy over couple of weeks and actually found it a little bit easier every day, the thing about it is that you don't spend time faffing around setting anything up, and anyone can find 8 minutes in a day, that's it, you are left feeling better, smug and satisfied that you have actually worked out and guilt free if the odd piece of cake happens to fall into your mouth.
Shake Weight Roll My Experience

I have taken two weeks off of doing these exercises as I have been totally floored by a virus, this morning I was back to only 5 minutes, but am not unhappy as I know that everyday will be a bit easier. This new improved version of the standard shake weight is also a roller, so a 2 in 1 piece of kit, I actually really like the rolling, you can totally feel it working on your tummy and it's actually not slightly boring.

Shake Weight Roll My Experience

As well as the instructional DVD you can also find lots of workouts on YouTube should you want to mix up your routine.

Shake Weight Roll Here

Love N Hugz
Lyn x

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