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Nailed London by Rosie Fortescue Gel Wear Nail Polish Review

Nailed London Gel Wear Polish review made in chelsea Rosie Fortescue

If you are a fan of Made in Chelsea, you will no doubt know who Rosie Fortescue is.
Rosie is not only a TV reality Star but also a Fashion Blogger in her own right, with a keen eye on cutting edge beauty she has launched her own range of 35 gel wear nail polishes including 4 glitters and a top and base coat.

Nailed London Gel Wear Polish review made in chelsea Rosie Fortescue

Don't be fooled into thinking these are just another fashion range of polishes with a celebrity name tag, far from it ;  I would honestly say  you will be hard pressed to find quality and staying power at this price anywhere !

Nailed London Gel Wear Polish review made in chelsea Rosie Fortescue

As a reader of my blog, you will know that I don't check the price of a product or read a press release before testing myself and making up my own mind, I think it's too easy to be swayed by a high price on a product to make you think it's great.....  well; comparing these to the quality of Chanel, Nailed won hands down ( no pun intended)  I was lucky enough to be given 6 polishes including the base coat and gel top coat, The colours I tried were, Noodle Nude as shown on my YouTube Video, Rosies Red which is her signature Red, Sugar Lips a gorgeous Baby Pink, and Thigh High Club, which is the one I would say is in the same style as Rogue Noir from Chanel,  difference being, Rouge Noir lasted me not quite 2 days !  Thigh High Club started to show signs of wear on day 5.....big difference especially in price, 

Nailed London Gel Wear Polish review made in chelsea Rosie Fortescue

I also had my daughter try out one of the polishes ( noodle nude) and she rang me on day 4 to report no signs of wear,  (Busy Mum and part time waitress ) so she is certainly hard on polishes.

I have to say these really were a pleasant surprise, it's not often that I try something and it becomes a [No 1 ] product, but this range is definitely there, everything from the weight of the handle to the softness of the brush is spot on, the polish just flows on really easily with 3 strokes, and the darker shades actually look perfect with just one coat, which in my opinion is unheard of, the Gel top coat gives a glass like finish that looks as though you have stepped straight out of a salon.

And at £6.99 it's hard to think they could be produced for that price.

There is an interview with Rosie in Scratch which is the UK leading nail magazine, you can read the interview with Rosie here Scratch Magazine Interview

Available to Buy HERE

If you have any favourite Nail polishes you need to tell me about, or have tried Nailed London, please do drop me a comment, I would love to hear from you.

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