Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Creative Energy Candle review

I have a total passion for candles, at the last count my Grandaughter counted 32 in the ground floor of my house,  so I was delighted to try out a candle from Creative Energy, this is a US brand that has literally just come to the UK, and I for one am glad they have !

creative Energy candle

This is no ordinary candle, of course it gives off a fabulous aroma, I tested Moroccan Teakwood, which I have to say is not one I would even have tried in a shop, I tend to go for, floral or beachy clean fragrances, but I was pleasantly surprised, it wasn't heavy or cloying at all, in fact it smelled like a very expensive well known candle/fragrance store :) 

creative Energy candle

Now, here's the thing, this isn't just a candle, it's a body balm, yep you pour some melted liquid wax into your hand and rub onto hands, feet or if you are feeling particularly generous you could even use it to massage your partner, OK a bit far I know lol, lets not get carried away here :)

creative Energy candle

But seriously, how brilliant is that ?, I tried this and stupidly didn't give it a second or two to cool down, oh no, all guns blazing and with the flame still lit.......Don't it's hot lol, when I had my sensible head on i blew out the flame gave it literally a second to cool slightly and the warm liquid was heaven, it is made up of soybean wax and certified organic coconut oil, with additional vitamin E,A and K.

creative Energy candle

I used this on both my hands and feet, and the effect was lovely, I expected it to feel waxy, but no, it actually felt and acted like a high quality moisturiser, I think this would be lovely in a bathroom, where you could have a little bath with the your candle glowing and then give your feet a warm massage after the bath; gorgeous.
Another fabulous point about these candles is that they give 10% of all proceeds to missions and charities.

These non expensive candles are really worth a try and at 7.99 for the small one shown here, why not, it really is worth it for a little indulgent treat, or with Christmas coming up a pressie for someone that they have never seen or tried before is always a nice idea.

Currently Creative Energy Candles are only available at Planet Organic Here but I honestly expect these little delights to take off once they hit the UK market.

Love n Hugz
Lyn x



  1. These sound really interesting! The only unfortunately part is that, presumably, you use the candle up more quickly than other candles. But, I guess on the other hand, they are relatively inexpensive! It's definitely something I would try if I were to come across it!


    1. Hi Erin, to be honest I didn't find that it used it up quickly, you only need literally a couple of drips to massage the balm into your skin.
      Lyn x

    2. Hi Erin, to be honest I didn't find that it used it up quickly, you only need literally a couple of drips to massage the balm into your skin.
      Lyn x


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