Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Dr Perricone Blue Plasma Review

Dr Perricone Blue plasma review

I decided it was about time I gave my eyes some attention, although I have been fairly lucky in the wrinkle department, it is an area that I have neglected and not paid too much special attention to, that's not saying I don't have a basket full of eye creams and eye roll on tubes that I have tried in the past, I have either bought them or they seem to be a standard in the gift beauty sets that come at Christmas, my experience so far has not made me want to use these creams as a regular part of my routine, and they have just seemed to give me puffy eyes in the mornings, or managed to spread my mascara, panda style when I have tried to use them in the day, if you are a beauty expert you can stop shaking your head about now because I have found my personal answer :) GEL !!!!! dah dahhhhhh

Dr Perricone Blue plasma review

Not just any old Gel, oh nooooo I went for the very best I had read about, and it was from The Doctor, nope not the fella who rides motor bikes who is nick named "The Doctor " whats his name ? Rossi, no this was a real Doctor a skincare genius Dr Perricone MD, or Nick as I like to call him, listen for this money I can call him by his first name, the dinner invitation will come later !

Dr Perricone Blue plasma review

The Gel, or correctly named Blue Plasma Orbital, it is described as a non acidic daily peel for the delicate eye area, Oh my lordy lord, I had no idea that I needed this much help until I started using this product, firstly you only need the teeniest tiny amount to dab gently around the eye area, it instantly cools your skin and gives you a sudden wide awake feeling, you can apparently use your regular eye cream over it if you feel so inclined, I didn't. 

Dr Perricone Blue plasma review

Even after the first couple of days I could spot the difference, the skin texture was so much smoother and brighter, and even to the touch felt more hydrated, if you think you don't need an eye treatment, think again, and please don't leave it till you are 58 like me to realise it's a flippin essential, *hides behind hands waiting for the backlash* I even go so far as to put a lil dab on my top lip, and area showing signs of needing help.  OK stone me for breaking rules lol.

Take a look at the website for the ingredients and full details of this range of products.

Love N Hugz
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