Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Decorating Done (almost)

I thought I would update you on the Decorating dilemmas post, The dining room is finally finished Dah Dahhhh.

Did I think it would ever end ? no ! .............. am I pleased with the result ? Yes indeedy :) As I think I mentioned previously the poor neglected dining room was only used for Christmas, Birthdays and any other major occasions and as such had been overlooked on many a decorating bug, only when Christmas came around every year ( as it does) and I laid the table did I look round and regret not giving the poor room more love, well now it has been well and truly loved and is looking very shiny and brand new.

As you know, it needed re plastering and a total overhaul, I wanted the walls perfect as this time  I wanted to paint them, as its an old house the walls were pretty rubbish and has previously been hidden by paper, so............. with gallons of white paint in various shades, I set about attacking everything,  if it  could be painted or was standing still it got the white paint treatment ! I usually go for cream, in fact the entire house is cream, I have a total passion for neutrals being the base and the colour being added in the form of soft furnishings or accessories, I think this stems from the theory that is  far more cost effective to cheer up and change a room by swopping colours rather than re decorating the whole room,  The dining room has been given accents of Paris Grey, again only with accessories and small things that could be easily painted over, radiator cover panel, stencils on sideboard, and highlights on the cast iron fireplace, the rest of the grey is in the linen curtains and matching table runner and cloth that took for ever to find ! 

In doing this room it kind of highlighted the kitchen due to there being an archway between the two ( phew) so while the white paint was out and I seemed to be wearing most of it, it made sense to touch up the kitchen, I only did the paintwork and Mr Lavender Barn got the job of the ceiling and fitting new lights, I very nearly got totally carried away and played with some tester pots for the walls, but stepped away for the moment lol. 

I don't know about your house, but what is it with decorating ?  you think the place is ok..... ish, start painting and suddenly you find yourself looking around the whole flippin house thinking,  " Oh it's all looking a little bit tired "  you could.....if your weren't very careful and probably exhausted, end up going from room to room, and then starting all over again !

I have, for now, hung up my brushes.

Till next time.

Love n Hugz Lyn x

P.S  Having said it's finished, I have had the idea of shutters on the walls this space !

The Lavender Barn

Paint...........Autentico White Cliff, Annie Sloan Paris Grey &  Old White, Wickes Flat white emulsion, Laura Ashley,  chalk white eggshell from Homebase.

Chandelier and accessories, The Lavender Barn. Yankee Candle.

Pink China, Ikea

Grey Linens, H & M Home

Chairs, Re-covered in natural burlap. Ebay

Radiator cover and electric sockets. Homebase.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

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