Monday, 3 February 2014

More Shabby than Chic!

Our dining room has come to a temporary standstill, the poor plaster has broken some bones in his foot :( poor thing, I feel for him as he has a young family and needs to earn, so we will wait for him, accidents happen and life's too short to stress.  We have plenty to be getting on with while he gets better as I have now decided to replace the skirtings with nice deep ones.

Having this break in proceedings has given me food for thought.  Owning a shop with access to every style and trend imaginable people would think I would just grab a catalogue and order my home in bulk, no, no no where's the fun in that ? there are lots of companies out there that will show you fabulous room sets of our furniture leaving nothing to the imagination and assuming that you have no individual style ! In my humble opinion a house should be a home NOT a showroom, in reality we have children, grandchildren, pets and men lol, and as we all know these things bring the fabulous chaos known as love, I believe that a house should be a home, yes, filled with gorgeous things, but things you love, things that reflect you as a person and not overpriced showrooms that someone else has styled for you. One or two total wow pieces of furniture are enough in each room, as long as they make your heart skip a happy beat when you look at them, they are worth their weight in gold :) 

Those of you that have bought here know from experience, the amount of time spent to find you that perfect piece,  be it a mirror, bed or a simple pair of bedsides, we will always aim to find you your wow piece whatever the budget. 
As for my decorating......the story continues lol.

Love n Hugz

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