Monday, 3 February 2014

Decorating, Disasters and Dilemmas!

Well !.....Decorating, Who had the bright idea that decorating the dining room would be an easy task ? not one to shy away from splashing some paint around I thought it would be a  brilliant plan to give the dining room a facelift, having been spurred into action by my recent re covering of the chairs, the bug has bitten, deep sigh from "him indoors" with the look of "here she goes again" lol, bless him, once her gets over the inital thoughts of chaos he becomes quite enthusiastic.  As you will know only too well my friends it is never that simple !  hmmm lets strip the walls of this really yuk french script wallpaper that I once thought was very arty and interesting (not) Maybe it was new years day when I chose it ? and I was suffering the after effects of the previous night, who knows ? anyway it had to go, alongside a ton of PLASTER !!!
With the plasterer booked in, I now come up with another cunning plan, while we are going this far lets move a radiator lol, another visit , this time it's the plumber.  So with my cunning radiator move plan in place, it then dawns on me that we will now need new skirting, and very possibly a new radiator cover :) this will be news to himself unless he reads this blog lol. So... this whole decorating lark is begining to feel not as fun as I first thought, onwards and upwards, have been giving thought tonight to paint colours,

Loving Annie Sloane French Linen, possibly for the fireplace and mirror, this in itself is a huge step for me, I am a self confessed colour coward, absolutely everything here is painted cream with colour bought into every room in the form of accessories and dressing.  I am feeling a little braver with this new project,  but watch this space my nerve may go lol.



A shade of white......still cant do  colour on the walls, and possibly a feature wall, which is still undecided, am quite fancying the new rubber print rollers,  maybe not birds as shown here,  and definitely not French script lol, but food for thought :)

We are on hold now untill next weekend when the room is plastered,  then it will be all systems go, she said in her most positive voice.

Thanks as always for following, cyber hugs, Lyn x

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