Monday, 23 April 2012

Gardening ( or not )

Seriously, what is this weather like ?  I have the best intentions this year to get the garden into better shape and grow something we can eat, all this has been prompted by a very organised friend who proudly told me she never buys salad in the Summer !  Sounds great me thinks, and I start the process with 5 hanging Tomato plants in a rather grim looking hanging container, which I am assured by the packaging has been designed perfectly for my needs :) WELL !  nobody told me we would have frost on the same night that they were planted, and they are no more........RIP little Tomato plants, not one to give up I shall attempt it again when the weather cheers up a little :) Pansies look nice though ha ha.

The shop has had yet another window change, not that it needed it, I just enjoy doing it, it's like playing with a Wendy House and seems to have become a bit of a talking point in our little Village which is nice, I seriously do have the VERY best customers who are not afraid to voice their opinions, fortunately for me they are all good !


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