Saturday, 21 April 2012


About 3 Years ago a friend of mine spent many hours talking about blogging, she typed with passion, made friends through other peoples blogs and even met up with a few, now, being the practical soul that I am I thought she was nuts ( sorry hun x) three years on I find myself spending time reading peoples blogs, admiring how they have decorated, transformed run down houses into gorgeous cosy homes, many are kind enough to share tips and hints, lots of gorgeous before and after pics, and the trials and tribulations of the journey.
Who is nuts ? clearly me, I started a blog for the shop some 3 years ago, on the advise of my internet addicted friend, dabbled a lil bit with it and never really gave it a chance, as the idea of typing away to myself seemed barking :)  that said, I talk to myself of a regular basis so why not ?

I will  (attempt) to give this another shot, and hopefully this time I will keep up to it :)

watch this space  Lyn x

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