Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Blog or Not ?

Blog or not ?  I Love blogs, some people have the best imaginations, they share their lives and passions through blogging and really do have something worthwhile to say, others use blogging as a platform to promote their products at every opportunity, and while there is nothing wrong with promoting your business should every word be about self promotion ?  One company was described to me recently by a customer as  " perfume on a pigs back "  lol, that saying will now stay with me forever !

The shop has become a discussion point for this 50 shades of grey mania, complete strangers are talking to each other about not being able to put these books down, ha ha...........I must be in the tiny percentage that has not read a page, that said,  there is something very lovely about curling up with a good book and a cup of tea I'm not sure 50 shades of grey is the place to re-start the habit though :)

If by any chance this little blog is read by any of our gorgeous customers, I would like to thank you for your continued support :)

Lyn x


Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Laundry Days

Now, what on earth is going on with this weather ? one minute we are running around trying to get the gardens ready for lazy weekends in the sun, and the next out come the jumpers and back comes the rain ! 

Don't get me wrong I am not adverse to using the tumble dryer at any given opportunity ( cuts down the ironing) but..........nothing makes me happier than the smell and feel of laundry from the line, walking into the bedroom with newly ironed bedding straight from the line just makes my heart sing,  easily pleased or what ?

If this boring dull weather carries on I shall need to resort to a Yankee Candle of fluffy towels fragrance just to indulge my whim !


Saturday, 26 May 2012

Stop to smell the roses !

They say you should take time to stop and smell the Roses, and every week I aim to but real life somehow gets in the way :)  This week has been so busy what with constant deliveries to the shop of gorgeous new stock, my youngest daughter having her first photographic exhibition ( huge success ) which was a fabulous boost to her confidence, and of course there has been the Jubilee celebration to prepare for........phew, where are those Roses ?

On a serious note I really do think we need to take a little time out to re-charge and appreciate what we have around us, only this morning dashing to the car did I notice that my huge rhododendron had burst into a wall of gorgeous purple glory, well I plan to sit and look at it all day on Sunday well and truly re charging my batteries :)

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Lingfield Racing

Whoah ( no pun intended )
Race days make the shop busy, busy, our pub next door and pub oposite are heaving with race fans ( fellas) hanging  out having a lil drinkie before the meeting starts, and the girls of course want to see the shop, and why not ? we girlies know shopping !

Race days really are fab in the village on a sunny day, the atmosphere buzzes with a happy holiday feeling.


Thursday, 3 May 2012

Crazy Messy !

Ohhhh the poor little shop was totally wrecked yesterday, a huge delivery caused absolute chaos, hard work but fun !

The end result was lots of new gorgeous stock and that deep exhausted sleep where you know you have worked hard with a fabulous result. My major gripe is polystyrene.......why oh why is there not an alternative that can be recycled, it drives me mad that we can recycle everything but that evil white stuff ( moan over)


Thursday, 26 April 2012

Proud Mamma

I know that we have a million reasons to be proud of our children, I am at this moment especially Proud of my Daughter Hollee,  (aka,  baby bird as she was the last to leave the nest ) she is in the process of organising her very first photographic exhibition which is lovely as her work is stunning ( even if she sometimes needs convincing)

She takes the photo's at the Shop and other businesses with great results, so having gone from bringing home things made of loo roll tubes and cornflake boxes she is now becoming an artist in her own right.

Wishing you ther very best of everything my gorgeous girlie.


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Social Media

Having decided that I am going to keep up to this social media malarky I am beginning to think it could become a full time job.......time management needed here !  I even saw a guy in the gym last night updating on Twitter, true !

Is this healthy I ask myself ?  well it must be, a billion people seem to be spending every second of everyday, checking, blogging, tweeting, pinning etc etc.

I even saw an article that said 80% of people check facebook upon waking, well it's as much as I can do to find the kettle let alone see what my friends have been up to while I sleep :)  all in all I still have mixed feelings, but here I am again ranting into cyberspace...................is anyone out there ha ha, nope ? oh well back to the kettle.  Love n Hugz  x

Monday, 23 April 2012

Gardening ( or not )

Seriously, what is this weather like ?  I have the best intentions this year to get the garden into better shape and grow something we can eat, all this has been prompted by a very organised friend who proudly told me she never buys salad in the Summer !  Sounds great me thinks, and I start the process with 5 hanging Tomato plants in a rather grim looking hanging container, which I am assured by the packaging has been designed perfectly for my needs :) WELL !  nobody told me we would have frost on the same night that they were planted, and they are no more........RIP little Tomato plants, not one to give up I shall attempt it again when the weather cheers up a little :) Pansies look nice though ha ha.

The shop has had yet another window change, not that it needed it, I just enjoy doing it, it's like playing with a Wendy House and seems to have become a bit of a talking point in our little Village which is nice, I seriously do have the VERY best customers who are not afraid to voice their opinions, fortunately for me they are all good !


Saturday, 21 April 2012


About 3 Years ago a friend of mine spent many hours talking about blogging, she typed with passion, made friends through other peoples blogs and even met up with a few, now, being the practical soul that I am I thought she was nuts ( sorry hun x) three years on I find myself spending time reading peoples blogs, admiring how they have decorated, transformed run down houses into gorgeous cosy homes, many are kind enough to share tips and hints, lots of gorgeous before and after pics, and the trials and tribulations of the journey.
Who is nuts ? clearly me, I started a blog for the shop some 3 years ago, on the advise of my internet addicted friend, dabbled a lil bit with it and never really gave it a chance, as the idea of typing away to myself seemed barking :)  that said, I talk to myself of a regular basis so why not ?

I will  (attempt) to give this another shot, and hopefully this time I will keep up to it :)

watch this space  Lyn x
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